Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services

Automation Control & SCADA

We provide Industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give our customers a competitive advantage. From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, our solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments.

AMSOL is among the very few highly qualified SCADA vendors in the Middle East. Our team has the technical capability to guarantee you an impeccable design, implementation and training for your team in a way that your needs will be met flawlessly.

Factory Performance Indicator (FPI)

AMSOL offers your industrial application its in house developed patented software which allows you:

  • Optimized process design
  • Superior ROI
  • Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency
  • Highest level of process Quality Control
  • Minimized Process Risk

Electro-Mechanical Contracting

AMSOL focuses its wide range of Skills & know-how in major Electro – Mechanical projects which we take pride in leading for over 30 years now. We have designed, erected and maintained more than 300 Water & Waste Water plants which, for the record, no other single company in the Middle East could attain.

Engineering, Design, and Consultation

AMSOL takes pride in her broad knowledgeable technical team whom we currently leverage in providing our clients with outstanding Consultation Services.

Building Management Systems

AMSOL brings its application knowledge to intelligence for buildings. Our solutions include both classical and innovative approaches for integrated facilities control, energy management, billing and Remote monitoring control.


Many people know that training is important – because, at one time or another, and in one form or another, we’ve all been valuably trained in something, or trained someone else to do something useful – yet this basic knowledge is not widely reflected in the world of work. It’s clear importance is not fully understood, and therefore, not fully exploited to make life easier and more profitable.

Training = Profit

When there are gaps in the skilled workforce – gaps caused by lack of training – then, automatically, work become inefficient and money is lost.

How much money is lost depends on the type of gap and how it manifests; but without doubt, regardless of whether a company sells flowers or microchips, a gap in the skilled workforce costs money.

Types of Courses We Offer

  • Technical Tracks
  • Soft skilled Tracks
  • HSE Courses


AMSOL can get your standard and safety products working together to turn your safety capital outlay into an investment with positive returns — one that increases your employees' safety and increases productivity.

Our combined expertise in machine safety & industrial automation qualifies us to understand your factory floor issues and how to implement safety solutions that meet your goals, using the broadest integrated safety product line available in the world.

Whatever your safety challenges, you'll find the answer by partnering with us.

Support Services

AMSOL understands the necessity of high quality 24hrs customer care and support. Therefore, we designed for our client special Service & Spare Parts Contract and maintain dedicated support teams of site-experienced technicians. Our Support services include all aspects of post delivery customer care from simple first line response to structured defined periodic maintenance agreements.

Integrated FAT Services

AMSOL has developed the capability to simulate the process and integrate third party equipment in our workshop. A fully integrated FAT leads to a smooth and trouble free commissioning at site.

Building Management System

AMSOL brings its application knowledge to intelligence for buildings. Our solutions include both classical and innovative approaches for integrated facilities control, energy management, billing and Remote monitoring control.

Saving Energy & Costs

At AMSOL, we are concerned about the environment and our beloved planet Earth. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide energy saving solutions that will help protect our environment and provide significant cost savings to our customers.

Thanks to our great partners’ awareness and to the long experience of AMSOL team, we have several Green solutions that would help you not only manage and control your Power & Energy consumption but also improve your system cost effectiveness.

Organizations around the world now increasingly realize that additional investments in making their structures ‘green’ is not only good for the environment but also  provide long-term tangible benefits  in the form of lower operation costs and higher productivity.

AMSOL offers the Sustainable design that offers operational returns on investment is a significant and integral concept to designing green buildings and industries.

Bringing you only the best in Industrial Automation